It is not over until you give up (how to get beyond the sabotage & setbacks!)

Are you stuck in a cycle of self sabotage? Tired of repeating patterns that hold you back from getting what you want?

Years can go by from spinning your wheels. I am glad you have checked us out and stopped by the HEAL blog.  With information immediately accessible at your finger tips and the ability to look anything up on your phone, it is actually harder today to experience the breakthrough you really need. Read through to the end because I have something for you that has been successful with thousands of people in my own practice and used, in some form, by millions all around the world.

You have so much potential trapped in the limited beliefs of your past. HEAL will help you breakthrough… for a life you truly love.

We all experience disappointment, setbacks and loss in our lifetime. Some people seem to have been dealt a tougher hand than others in this game of life. And some people, despite their hardship, have come out of the challenges resolving to get ahead. This drive and determination is the result of a pattern of thoughts and action steps, that can be learned. I am thinking about one of my clients who was verbally tormented in her early childhood, only to become a successful entrepreneur in the real estate field, after releasing the limitations of her self image from her past. Another one of my clients grew up with a pleasant childhood but experienced a series of loss that felt like a ton of bricks, keeping her from experiencing happiness and success in her life. until she moved past the grief, she would let opportunities for fun, expanded roles at work and possibility of true love pass her by. Now, she is energized by possibility and has learned to embrace a positive perspective that is fulfilling.

The HEAL program (Healthy Emotions. Abundant Life.) is designed to help you engage your emotions, not hide from them Learn to release the stale, stuck emotions of your past and move into the positive and inspiring flow of authentic emotional intelligence.  You will how to quickly shift out of the negative and frustrating habits of overwhelm,  resentment, fear, self doubt, among others, so you can use your emotional compass to move you further ahead.

HEAL bookThe HEAL program is based on the book, H.E.A.L.: Healthy Emotions Abundant Life. I wrote this book because of the thousands of amazing people I have worked with, and, who inspired me as they moved beyond their past. I wanted to help even more people reach their dream. In the book, I share about the timeless patterns that keep many stuck and the 5 super powers that will help you quickly move beyond the trap. The book helps you understand the value of your emotions and super self empowerment (emotional intelligence); the ability to manage what is happening in you so you can manage what is happening around you.

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About the Author Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

I help individuals master their mindset and move beyond the barriers that keep them from their true potential. Let me help you go beyond the B.S. - Belief Systems that limit your potential.

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