Do you struggle with discouragement, despair, lack of focus?

Read on. Our program will transform those fatal emotions and give you the formula for success.

Stuck in sabotage?

Are you spinning your wheels? Stuck in self doubt, frustration, fear? When you make decisions out of fear or frustration, you short change the possibilities for your life. The HEAL program helps you eliminate the feelings that have kept you stuck so you can really have the life you want.

Lost in Paralysis by Analysis?

Caught in the crushing grip of this paralysis because of overthinking? Somehow you have convinced yourself you don’t have all the facts, the timing isn’t quite right, something bad will happen and on and on and on. You end up losing out on opportunity and peace of mind.

Death by Chocolate?

With the rush of fear and the undercurrent of insecurity and self doubt, food can become your "go-to" in times of stress. Before long, you lose confidence and may even give up on your dreams. Food provides a quick relief with lasting consequences and can trap you  in a holding pattern that stalls your life.

Stuck in past trauma?

The past directs the future when the emotional charge associated with the early experiences continue to exist, whether it is early childhood, trauma or work related incidents. The HEAL program teaches tools that quickly release and eliminate the charge from these events regardless of how long they have been there.

Emotions are hardwired into the nervous system and designed to inform. It is their nature to flow freely providing cues for action. They are only a problem when ignored. Unfortunately most people are not aware of what they are feeling and tend to ignore emotions so they either bottleneck, contributing to heart disease and worse or they come spilling out at the wrong time and with intensity creating misunderstandings and chaos.


The HEAL program is your ticket to self awareness and self management, the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.  When you know what is going in inside, you are better able to manage what is happening in your environment. People with healthy emotional intelligence earn more money, have more satisfying relationships and feel better about themselves.

Live. Online. Self paced. Proven strategies... Transform your life with the HEAL program.

You will learn the science & the secrets to use the tools that have helped millions of people.

If you are tired of being hi jacked by your emotions and want more fulfilling relationships, career and greater peace of mind then the HEAL program is your answer.

Ready for more joy, great success, confidence and lasting happiness?

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